Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker Review

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Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

While the physical changes are subtle, it still makes a difference aesthetically when on the wrist. Regardless of whether you opt for a leather or silicone watch band, the Charge 3 looks impressive for a fitness tracker. Of course, wearing it with formal wear is pushing the boundaries but we didn’t have an issue pairing it with a casual outfit or even one that’s on the dressier side — we even got tons of compliments on it.

Fitbit swapped out the physical button that was originally seen on the Charge 2, for an inductive button with haptic feedback. Aside from swiping through the display (which we’ll get to later), the button is essentially your “back” button — when you want to go to the previous screen. It’s also what you press every time you want to get back to the home screen.

The inductive button is extremely responsive, although it might take you a while to become accustomed and use it rather than automatically using the touchscreen. We like the fact that because it isn’t a physical button that sticks out, it allows the Charge 3 to have a streamlined design. We wish all fitness trackers and smartwatches would adopt this “buttonless” design. You can also adjust how sensitive you want the button to be, as well as the intensity of the vibrations.

Wearing it throughout the day or during a workout, we love how lightweight the Charge 3 is. Fitbit says the Charge 3 is 20 percent lighter than the Charge 2, and it’s comfortable enough to work out with and to keep on for long periods of time. But only after finding the bands that we thought worked best with the device.

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