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Homedic Back Massager for Home Use

Whether you’re doing tough manual labor or sitting at a desk all day, your back is bound to get uncomfortable. Overactivity (or even inactivity) can leave you begging for a back massage. At HoMedics®, our back massagers provide endless options to give you the best massage experience possible. Consider a kneading shiatsu massage to help with deep-tissue tension, or a rolling massage for that little knot you can’t quite reach by hand. Heat and vibration options and massaging heads can help loosen and relax you, too. Choose a handheld massager for that pesky trouble spot, or go to a massage chair pad or massage pillow and lean right into it for maximum comfort. Massaging vibration wraps are great for travel, while a massage cushion can be positioned to massage your back, shoulders, neck, or even legs. A massaging throw or shawl will keep you nice and toasty while providing a welcome massage when you’re feeling a bit chilled. Even if you went all-out at the gym, we have the tools to help relax you quickly. So have a seat, lean back, and let HoMedics back massager get you back in the game.

The HoMedics back massager with heat Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion With Heat delivers an intense, invigorating full back massage along with deep neck and shoulder massage. The mobile app allows you to use your smartphone to operate the cushion and create your own massage programs, or use the programmed controller, which allows you to select 3 different massage zones and spots. Optional heat penetrates muscles and makes your massage even more soothing.

Take command of your comfort

The Perfect Touch Massage Cushion features the ultimate array of options to make your neck, back, and shoulders feel invigorated and amazing. And you’re in charge of each of them.

Create your perfect combination of massage style, seat cushion massage, optional heat, and other features to soothe your body’s unique trouble spots. Just use our smartphone app or programmed controller — whatever’s easiest.


  • The HoMedics shiatsu back massager Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion With Heat delivers an intense, invigorating full back massage along with deep neck and shoulder massage. The mobile app allows you to use your smartphone to operate the cushion and create your own massage programs, or use the programmed controller, which allows you to select 3 different massage zones and spots. Optional heat penetrates muscles and makes your massage even more soothing.

  • • Massage App allows you to use your smartphone to operate the cushion and create your own massage programs
    • Neck & Shoulder Massage adjusts to your perfect height, reverses direction, and gives you the option of a traveling massage spot massage
    • Four Relaxing Massage Styles: deep-kneading shiatsu, gentle rolling, invigorating percussion, or a combination of all styles
    • Three Massage Zones allow you to concentrate on your upper or lower back, or massage your entire back
    • Soothing heat comforts tired muscles in the neck, back and seat
    • Integrated strapping system fits most chairs
  • Take command of your comfort

    The Perfect Touch Massage Cushion features the ultimate array of options to make your neck, back, and shoulders feel invigorated and amazing. And you’re in charge of each of them.Create your perfect combination of massage style, seat cushion massage, optional heat, and other features to soothe your body’s unique trouble spots. Just use our smartphone app or programmed controller — whatever’s easiest
    And because trouble spots can vary from day to day, you don’t have to stick with one approach. The cushion makes it incredibly easy to customize your massage experience in seconds…because the “perfect touch” is one that goes wherever you need it to, fast.

    Homedic Back Massager

  • Your smartphone lets you run the show

    An easy-to-download app lets you control the settings on your Perfect Touch right from your smartphone — and even create your own massage programs. Left your phone in the other room and don’t want to interrupt your massage? No problem: The corded controller attached to your cushion is every bit as functional.
  • Relief as gentle or aggressive as you choose

    4 different massage styles mean you can change at the drop of a hat:
    • Deep-kneading shiatsu provides deep concentration on pressure points
    • Gentle rolling slowly works away aches and discomfort
    • Invigorating percussion aggressively works and strengthens deep-tissue muscles
    • Shiatsu & percussion combination features the best of both massage experiences


HoMedics Deep Kneading Back Massager With Heat

Best Massage Chairs Under $2000 & $1000

Welcome to Best Massage Chairs Under 2000 Reviews feature. For a shot at the high-end massage chair scale, buyers will have to pay a little more money. Best Massage Chairs are important these days giving its users much-needed comfort they require.

The massage chair has incorporated this science to help reduce the stress on your spine which will assist you to relax more and even have a better massage experience. There are many health benefits to Zero Gravity and we take you for the Best Massage Chairs under $2000 with Zero Gravity. So, let’s move on to our list. See our recommendations Best Massage Chair Under 1000 and Best Massage Chair Under 2000.

Best Massage Chair Under 2000

Below is the list of Best Massage Chair Under 2000 to buy in 2020.

#New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The FR 5K massage chair from Forever Rest is an ideal therapeutic chair that helps you get rid of backache, shoulder pain, leg and foot pain. It comes with 3 different intensity levels.

It comes with 7 different massages variation modes that including Knocking, Vibrating seat, Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, Tapping, and combination tapping with knocking.

This shiatsu massage chair offers rolling and acupressure massage. It is a perfect fit for smaller, taller and plus-size people. It has 4 preset automated massage modes so you can access within the remote, these are Relax, Swing, Recover, and Stretch mode.

This zero gravity massage chair has a powerful roller for back which provides great deep tissue massage that promotes health. It offers rolling and acupressure massage.

It comes in beige and dark brown colors. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for the frame and body.

New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Premier Back Saver, SHIATSU, Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Foot Rolling and Built in Heat, Stretch Mode (Beige)


  • 3 built-in recline positions
  • 6 automatic programs
  • 7 different manual massage modes
  • Built-in Heat
  • Foot Rolling
  • Full Body Yoga Stretch
  • FR-5K’S remote controller
  • Foot Rolling Technology
  • Great active back rollers.
  • Clean design.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Back massage is deep.

#RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This full-body massage chair from RELEXONCHAIR comes with eco-friendly material and looks sturdy. It can hold weight up to 400 lbs and stand with 6.25ft.

This zero gravity massage chair comes with 3 staged zero-gravity positions. It has 42 airbags. The shoulder airbags are flexible to accommodate your height.

This shiatsu massage chair with 7 pre-set auto programs. You can take your own massage functions and target selective areas of the back. It comes with 2 heating pads in the lower back region which improves the massage experience.

It has a 50-inch L-track roller system. There are massage rollers from the base of the skull to the buttocks. This massage chair comes with body scan technology.

It is available in brown and grey colors.

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-CLASSIC] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System (BROWN)


  • 5 Unique Massage Techniques
  • 3 Stages of Zero Gravity Positions
  • 7 Automatic Programs
  • 50-inch L-track system
  • 3 Levels Of Airbag Intensity Control
  • 3 Levels Of Speed Control
  • 2 heating pads
  • 42 airbag
  • Looks great.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • Great customer service.
  • High settings are intense.

#OOTORI Recliner Shiatsu Massage Chair 

This shiatsu massage chair from OOTORI is specifically designed for sub-health people. It comes with environmental friendly materials make it the perfect selection for the massage chair at home. It has zero gravity positioning feature.

This zero gravity massage chair offers 4 roller massage head that provides up to 15 combinations of various massage manipulations such as flapping, shiatsu, kneading, knocking stretch, etc.

It has an S L-Track structure along with rollers and air cell massage systems which help in massaging shoulders, waist, hips, back, etc. This massage chair offers full body massage to relieve stress, headache, tension, muscle aches and soothe your body and mind.

It comes with computerized body detection technology. It can carry weight up to 440 lbs and stand with 6.2ft. The company offers a 3-year warranty.

OOTORI Massage Chair Recliner, SL-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair with Stretched Tapping Mode Heating Back and Foot Rollers,Zero Space (Beige)


  • Synthetic leather material
  • 4 roller massage head
  • 6 Auto programs
  • Heating therapy
  • SL track robot hands massage system
  • 3-Rows-Foot roller
  • 2 adjustable massage speed
  • Smart body scan detection
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • 3-year warranty
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Perfect for the office workers.
  • No cons.

#Full Body Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner – Yoga & Heating Therapy 

The Full Body Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair has been FDA registered as a medical device and so buyers can be sure that the chair won’t only look great, but it will be useful for treating tired muscles and relieving pain. This chair is also smooth and simple in its design so will look great in the living room or bedroom.

L-track design is available in very high-end models, but Kahuna gives you this technology for the low price. What it does is, it makes assured that you get a massage from your neck to deep down to the buttocks with this quad rollers.

The chair comes with the number of preset massage functions, which the user can select dependant on what section of their body they want to be worked on. This massage chair offers you with eastern yoga practices which reduce stress, stretch the body and eliminate toxins from your body to give you a healthier body.

You get an airbag massage in your hand and thigs, which give you more therapeutic massage experience. You can also get into zero gravity mode with just two settings.

This best massage chair has dual roller which targets below your feet to give you acupuncture point kneading massage. The airbags blow out to push your feet towards the rollers.

With built-in heat system, a chair can increase blood circulation, known to help reduce recovery time and alleviate stress. Using this best home massage chair at the start or end of the day can be a great to wake up and refresh, help users to relax before bed.Full Body Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner - Yoga & Heating Therapy



  • L-track and 4 roller massage system
  • 5 Manual Massage Techniques
  • Dual foot rollers on the feet area
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Space saving technology with the 3 zero gravity positions.
  • Heating Therapy on lower back and legs
  • Computerized body scan technology
  • 3-year warranty
  • Great value for the cost.
  • Great customer service.
  • Strength and variety of massage settings.
  • The chair is heavy and hard to move.

#RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair -Built-In Heat and Air Massage System

This is the redesigned & upgraded version of their famous model, the MK-II Plus. This best massage chair offers you with L tack design technology. Unlike S track system, this L track system actually gives you massage by moving the roller from your neck to your buttocks.

It has dual rollers to give you full body massage more efficiently. L track massage is best for the user who has back pains and tight glute muscles.

This massage chair has a spinal decompression program which gives you deep human-like massage along with the stretching function. This massage chair has 4 fully automatic massages modes which will replicate the actions of the human hand’s massage.

This massage chair gives you calculated routine massage and stretches in your legs and back muscles. They also provide you stylish one hand operated remote control and a large viewing screen to make inputting programs easy and user-friendly.

Built-in sensors will detect body shape and spine length and will provide you with pinpoint massage and personalized massage experience. This massage chair has the capability to flatten you out at 180 degrees to reduce the tension on the back muscles and make you feel weightless when taking a massage.RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair -Built-In Heat and Air Massage System



  • L-Track Massage System
  • Full Automatic Programs
  • One Hand Accessible Remote Controller
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • 5 Manual Specific Targeted Massages
  • Colors: Chocolate and Charcoal
  • 3-year warranty
  • Great Chair for a Great Price.
  • Good Quality.
  • Easily accessible Remote Control.
  • Some buyers complain that the foot roller is hard on their feet.

#ideal massage Full Featured Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair – Best Massage Chair Under $1500

If you choose this massage chair, you will be getting a great deal thanks to the variety of amazing features that this Shiatsu massage chair offers.

This massage chair comes with zero gravity technology. Which means it raises legs above the heart level, which provides you weightlessness feeling. Which in turn improves the comfort and relaxation the massage chair provides.

This massage chair has other massage options like Vibrating, Kneading and Spinal rolling. You can get 14 various types of programmable massage options in this chair.

You can also set the massage session timer, which can run from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. 3D scan feature that you will find only on the high-end massage chair, buy IDEAL gives you with this feature on their cheap priced product as well.

You also get a heating module which heats up your back and allows you to get more therapeutic massage experience. You can select from four different types of pre-programmed automatic massage modes which include Upper back, Lower back, Relaxation and activate.ideal massage Full Featured Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair - Best Massage Chair Under $1500



  • 4 great auto programs
  • S-track rollers
  • Heating module
  • Zero gravity feature.
  • 3D scan technology
  • Programmable massage timer
  • Colors: Black and Red
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quality is excellent.
  • Good customer support.
  • The chair is heavy and hard to move.

#Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

This expensive best home massage chair may turn away some new customers but is great worth the cost when you are in the market for the high tier massage chair.  Equipped with 3D technology, this chair gives users the sensation of lifelike hands giving them a massage.

Using the full 30-minute mode is favored to get the best experience out of this amazingly feature-packed massage chair. It comes with the built-in mp3 player. When you dig under into the settings, you can synchronize the song to your massage for a fuller experience.

This chair has the control panel, one of the advanced pieces of equipment in the entire industry. A large screen with the myriad of buttons greets users who need to enjoy complete control over the chair and its different customizations.

Massage functions control everything from the head all the way down to feet, with comfortable armrest massage to complement the experience. It comes with 3 YEARS warranty for the Steel Frame and Body and 3 YEAR in electronic parts.Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair



  • Built-in MP3 Player
  • 6 new great auto programs
  • Full 3D back scan
  • 24  types of massage from the head to toe
  • Built-in heat in back and feet
  • 3 YEARS warranty for the Steel Frame and Body and 3 YEAR in electronic parts
  • Great product.
  • Comfortable.
  • Heavy massage chair.

#Human Touch 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

This high-priced massage chair retains all the benefits of the larger chair and packs them into the smaller design.  It uses swivel-based design with built-in retractable ottoman to create the great experience, even when using the 5 pre-set programs.

Buyers will enjoy the warm air technology, a patented feature that uses heat to allow relief to the shoulders and lower back. This is only chair of this size to be capable to make and satisfy those claims, making it the valuable addition to any home or office.

If you have some muscles, this chair can use its immersive technology to target particular points with the BodyMatch feature. Even better is the CirQlation option, the figure-8 technology that aims to improve circulation in the legs and feet.

Small in size but high on technology, the Whole-body 7.1 lives up to its name. It comes with the Espresso, Bone, and Black.Human Touch 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair



  • 5 Auto-Massage Programs
  • Patented Warm Air Technology
  • Targeted Muscle Benefits
  • “CirQlation” Figure-8 Technology
  • 3D FlexGlide Massage Technology
  • 4 massage techniques
  • Colors: Espresso, Bone, and Black
  • Looks great.
  • Great massage and heat.
  • Feels great.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Massage Chair Under $2000

Buying a massage chair isn’t an easy task. Following is our massage chair buying guide, where we give some advice that will help you get the best one with the suitable features for your conditions.

Features: Low features massage chair will cost you less and naturally high feature massage chair will cost a few thousand. So, you want to choose what kind of feature you need in your massage chair, some of them might be things like airbag pressure massage, heating modules, USB ports, MP3 players etc. A good example would be, if you need back massages then buy a chair which doesn’t have foot massages attached, thereby reducing the cost.

Zero gravity: Zero gravity massage means the massage chair align your body so that the legs are higher up than your heart level. What does is, it decreases the pressure on the heart and gives you weightless feeling. You have to select if you need zero gravity massage on your massage chair or not. Usually having this feature means spending more money.

Heating Support: Heat support has always been the miss or hit with any of the lower tier massage chairs. That is not reflected in this list since all of the chairs are recognized high tier. With a range of options that cover back, feet and even arms, all of the chairs on this list control heat implementation fairly well. Some even add in their pre-sets as part of yoga relaxation.

Reliability and Durability: You need a chair that is durable, as they have many moving parts and other computerized systems, something might go wrong. Give a thought to buying an expensive massage chair which has more durability, think of it as a good investment. If you purchase a cheap chair and then you have to get it repaired regularly, then it would be loss overall over a long period.

Price: All of the prices on the list are from massage chairs under $2000, but the lot of them are even under $1500.  The massage chair can cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The range gap is too big. Therefore, you want to decide how much money you are ready to spend on it before anything else.


Finding the best massage chair under 2000 is not hard to do with the correct resources. It all begins by looking at the top products in the industry, as described by this list. Keeping budget in mind, many price tags let you select the chair of your choice with a little difference in the features. We hope our list of best massage chairs under 2000 would be helpful.


The 10 Best Full Body Electric Massage Mats (with Heat) in 2019

The Best Full Body Electric Massage Mats (with Heat) in 2019

A full body electric massage mat is a great way to enjoy an on-demand massage wherever you are.

A full body (vibrating) massager will relieve your aching back, neck and leg muscles, boost your blood circulation, and quickly relieve your stress – in less than 30 minutes – lying in bed, on the floor or seated on a couch or sofa.

The best part?

Through our research, we’ve found that you can find a high-quality, durable massage mattress – for less than $60.

What a way to float away at the end of the day, while your aches and stiffness fade into a warm bliss, right?

full body electric massage mats

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The Top 3 Full Body Electric Massage Mats (with Heat)

Through our research, we’ve found and reviewed the 3 best full body massage pads (with heat) – which can be used on your sofa, on the floor, and on your chair or recliner.

👉Electric massage mats are featured in our new guide as one of the BEST gift ideas for people with chronic pain.

1. Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Mat with Heat (Review)

electric massage mat

With 10 motors spread along the mat, the Relaxzen massage mat offers vibrating massage all the way from your neck to your calves, plus heat to your lumbar area.

  • Massage motors: 10
  • Preprogrammed massage modes: 5
  • Controllable zones: 4
  • Intensity levels: 3
  • Auto shut off timer: 15/30/60 minutes.

This firm yet comfortable massage mat can be used on the floor, on your sofa and on a recliner if you’d like (it’s foldable).

It has a soft and comfortable cover and a user-friendly LED remote control, which can be used to choose which areas you’d like to focus on (4 massage zones or all at once for full body treatment) and to adjust the intensity level (1-3).

  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 66.9 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds


Relaxzen Pros

  1. Vibration massage covers the entire body all the way to the ankles
  2. Can be used with or without heat
  3. Durable construction.
  4. 4 massage zones – upper back/ lower back/thighs/calves – which can be used separately or all at once
  5. 5 massage nodes
  6. 3 intensity levels – ensure massage won’t be too soft or too powerful
  7. The cover is soft and comfortable
  8. Foldable – can be used on the floor/sofa/recliner. It folds in 3 areas along the length to ¼ its length.
  9. 3 feet long cord – sufficient to be plugged in next to bed or chair or couch. AC adapter included.
  10. Easy to use handheld LED remote
  11. 15/30/60 timer – shuts off automatically after that
  12. Doesn’t smell, isn’t loud.
  13. Comes in 3 colors – beige, gray and leopard. We like the grey one.
  14. 1-year warranty


  1. Heat function can’t be used without massage.
  2. May not cover calves for very tall people.

Pro Tip #1

It absorbs quickly and is mess-free and delivers a cool pain-relieving sensation, and combined with the vibration massage – it’s great.

Pro Tip #2

The Relaxzen comes in 3 different models. One of them comes with a removable cover and a removable pillow you can wash. So, if you choose a light color, we recommend getting this so you’ll be able to clean it easily.

👉Don’t forget to see the TOP 5 Zero Gravity Full Body massage chairs for the money – in 2019!

2. Belmint 10-Motor (Rollers) Full Body Massager Mat with Heat 

belmint massage mat

The Belmint multi-purpose massage mat with heat is quite similar to the Relaxzen mat, except that it weighs a bit more (0.5 pounds more), and less auto shut off options.

(In fact, we suspect that these 2 massage mats are made in the same factory).

  • Massage motors: 10
  • Preprogrammed massage modes: 5
  • Controllable zones: 4
  • Intensity levels: 3
  • Max heat: 140F
  • Auto shut off timer: 30 minutes.

Like the Relaxzen, It has 10 rolling motors for soothing vibration massage, 4 massage zones, 5 massage modes to target specific areas or to be used all at once (with 3 intensity levels), heat option (for the lumbar area only) and a LED remote control.

It’s also foldable and can be used on different surfaces and won’t take a lot of space when stored.

  • Size: 5.5 feet long 1.9 feet wide
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Belmint Massage Mat Pros

  1. Heats up to 140 degrees in under 8 minutes.
  2. 10 motors, 5 pre-programmed modes, 4 massage zones (upper back/lower/back/neck/thighs)
  3. Foldable – can be used on different surfaces
  4. no hard nubs felt while laying on it
  5. It comes in 2 colors: black and beige.
  6. Easy to store and move around
  7. Durable construction
  8. Easy storage
  9. Can be used when laying down or sitting
  10. Soft plush cover
  11. Comes with a side pouch for the controller
  12. AC adapter included
  13. Auto shut off after 30 minutes (important in case you fall asleep on it)
  14. Not loud

👉 Note: The heat function is not the main issue here. The heat feels warm and no more. If you want to use heat for pain relief – we recommend using a full-body or medium size infrared heating pad.

Infrared heat penetrates up to 2.5 cm into your body and is clinically proven to relieve pain without medication. See the top 4 reviewed and compared HERE.


  1. No auto shut off options other than 30 minutes.
  2. If you are more than 5 ft.10 tall – it won’t cover more than your knees.
  3. Heat function cannot be used without massage.

3. Soozier 10-Motor Heated Vibration Massage Mattress 

The Soozier massage mattress offers a bit more powerful massage (when set on the “strong” intensity setting) than the Relaxzen and Belmint massage mat, and it also has 24 magnets in the back area, 8 different pre-programmed massage modes and even a slow/fast speed to choose from.

And that’s not all:

👉 The full body massage offers more than just vibration. It massages, vibrates and pulses.

But there’s a catch:

This massage pad can only be used in a full-body mode. You can’t localize treatment areas such as your neck, back or thighs.

  • Dimensions: 65.5″L x 23″W x 2″T
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

What you get:

  • Massage motors: 10
  • Back magnets: 24
  • Preprogrammed massage modes: 8
  • Auto shut off timer: 10/30 minutes
  • Controllable zones: 1 – full body massage option only
  • Intensity levels: 2 (weak/strong)
  • Max Heat: 120 F

Soozier Massage Mat pros

  1. 24 back magnets
  2. 8 pre-programmed modes – a wide variety of pulses, vibration, rolling massage and strength modes
  3. Strong/easy intensity settings (from what I’ve found here – the “strong” level is pretty powerful)
  4. 10/30 minute auto shut off
  5. Infrared heat for the lumbar area
  6. Foldable for various surfaces and easy storage (folded dimensions: 23″L x 18″W x 5″H)
  7. Comfortable plush cover
  8. Cord length is 59 inches
  9. AC 110V – 220 V
  10. Durable construction
  11. Comes with a LED remote control and a storage pouch
  12. Can be used under a mattress protector


  1. You can’t select a specific area. You can only get the full body massage.
  2. Massage may feel rough for some people.
🥇Best Full Body Massage Mat with Heat

Through our research, we conclude that the Relaxzen electric full body massage mat is the best choice out of the three reviewed here.

It’s comfortable, well-made and highly adjustable, and can be used on any surface. The company is well known and has good customer service.

We would have chosen the Soozier massage mat (since it has more massage options and 24 magnets), but we didn’t like the fact that you can’t localize massage areas.

It can effectively relieve muscle and nerve pain, joint pain, cramps and reduce stress.

And now over to you:

Do you have any questions about these massage mats? Do you have experience with any of them? Let us know in the comments below.

Massage Mats FAQ

What is a Full Body Massage Mat?
A full body massage mat is a thin mattress, equipped with 9-12 massage motors that rotate and vibrate when you plug the mat in and turn it on. It massages all your upper body all the way to your legs simultaneously.
What is an Electric Massage Mat Used for?
You can use a full body electric massage mat to relieve muscle pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, back, lumbar area and legs via vibration massage motors. You can also use it for stress relief and full relaxation.
How Does a Massage Mat Relieve Pain?
Electric massage mat applies vibration massage through 9-12 massage motors that rotate and vibrate over aching or stiff muscles to release them. Some mats come with soothing heat and magnets to amplify the effect.

Real Relax Massage Chair Review

An inexpensive, off-brand massage chair. While the Real Relax Massage Chair has a few features hobbyists might like, most users will probably gravitate to a different model. Recommended for hobbyists, if you don’t mind its limitations.

If you’re looking for a bargain-priced chair, and you absolutely must have one today, the Real Relax Shiatsu massage chair might serve you in a pinch.

As you will see, however, it’s not fair to call this a proper massage chair, as compared with most of the others we review on this site. It lacks some of the most basic features that go into making a serious massage chair, and as such, this one should be considered a casual/hobbyist chair only.

If you’ve read other Real Relax massage chair review online, our tone might strike you as a surprise, since the chair seems to get mostly glowing reviews.

We regard it as an oddity and a curiosity, although since it does get a few things right, there’s probably a relatively narrow segment of the market for whom this chair would work well and be a sound investment.

We’ll get into the details just below so you can judge for yourself.

Overview of the Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair

The first thing to understand is that this off-brand chair is made in China and has no real marketing support in the United States. While the chair comes with a three-year warranty, should anything go wrong, you’re going to have a hard time getting work done on it.

That gives it a couple of strikes against it right off the bat, but as you’ll see when we start talking about features, the designers have done a few things that will leave you scratching your head.

No Massage Track (Or Rollers) At All

Here’s the first curious thing. Every massage chair review we’ve done to this point has been on a chair with either an S-Track or a Hybrid L/S Track. The Real Relax chair has no track. It doesn’t even have rollers.

The massage is rendered via eight “zones” in the chair back, which contain stationary Shiatsu massage heads mounted onto a fixed frame. When you activate the chair, the heads begin to move, and you get your massage.

This is problematic on several levels, but the biggest issue is simply this:

Because everyone’s body is shaped differently, the massage heads may or may not hit where you want, or need them to. Because they’re stationary, they cannot be adjusted in any way, so you’re left wiggling around in the seat in an attempt to get them to hit your pressure points.

Clearly, this was done as a cost-saving measure, but massage rollers are such a fundamental component of a massage chair that their absence is jarring, to say the least.

Who knows? If your body shape closely matches the shape of the chair back, and if your pain happens to be centered where the massage heads are located, it might give you a good massage, but that’s a lot of “ifs.” It’s just not something you can count on.

Real Relax Massage Chair Review Front - Chair Institute

Zero-Gravity Seating

This is a surprise, especially in light of the lack of a massage track. The zero-gravity seating is a solid feature and welcome addition to the chair.

It undoubtedly improves the massage experience, but the amount of improvement is limited because, again, the massage heads are stationary. If the heads aren’t hitting the right spots on your back when reclining normally, then Zero-G isn’t going to change that.

Benefits Of The Best Massage Chairs

What Are The Benefits Of The Best Massage Chairs

Using a massage chair has multiple benefits. These types of chairs are specially designed to improve your circulation and stretch your muscles, and they will provide your arms, back, and legs the necessary relief after a day’s work.

Best Massage Chairs

What Are The Benefits Of Getting a Massage?

Ever since ancient times, people have been relying on massages to relieve their backs. As society progressed, people have been spending more and more time sitting than standing, which is their normal posture. This is where massages come in.

Most people nowadays deal with some kind of posture problem. Some of them even suffer from postural stress without knowing. This postural stress often tends to manifest in the shoulder and neck area, and you might have felt some discomfort in those areas yourself.

Other areas highly susceptible to postural stress are the lower back and gluteals. These areas are often painful, and you can actually feel a relief when you push your knuckles against them and stretch. The weakness and pain are often attributed to prolonged periods of sitting, so you should be careful if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or in a car.

Luckily, massages can relieve your muscles and ease the pain. Massages work by increasing and improving the local blood circulation. Studies have actually shown that massage therapy is just as good at treating back pain as other methods that might involve drugs or complicated medical procedures.

Not only will massages improve your posture, but they will also help reduce stress and improve your sleep. Massages promote relaxation, and that will lower your stress levels. As far as sleep is concerned, massages do a great job at improving comfortable rest. Have you ever seen a new mom comfort her newborn by soothing its back? Well, apparently that reflex doesn’t disappear for as long as you live. If you receive a massage, you will want to sleep.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Massage Chair?

Now that you’ve seen the multiple advantages massages offer, let’s take a look at how you can benefit from having and using a massage chair.

  1. 24/7 Massage – You don’t have to schedule your massage sessions, as you would if you used a human professional. Whether you’re in a mood for a massage in the morning or late at night, you can rest assured you’re going to get one.
  2. Multiple Massage Techniques – Best massage chairs offer more massage techniques. The more techniques a chair has, the better. This will increase the chances of finding one that’s perfect for your needs.
  3. Increased Comfort – You won’t have to get out of your home to receive a massage. In fact, you can get a massage and still watch your favorite sitcom on your own television. How great is that?
  4. Lower Back Relief – Most massage chairs have specials features specially designed to tackle lower back pain. Some of them might use rollers and airbags to enhance the massage in your lower back area, while others might use heated pads to produce a heated massage for a better relief.
  5. Good Investment – Even though most massage chairs have a big initial cost, you will be able to get your money’s worth in massages. Massage chairs are durable, and most of them come with reliable warranties. A massage chair will cost less than regular visits to a massage professional, making it a good investment.
  6. Foot Massages – Most massage chairs make a mean foot massage. Some chairs even have adaptable foot massagers, so you can personalize your experience.
  7. Muscle Stretch – A massage chair will stretch your muscles better than you would think possible. Some chairs have special features that simulate the muscle stretch you would perform during a yoga session.
  8. Spinal Relief – Best massage chair uses different technologies to track your spine and target the muscles next to it. Not only will this relieve you of any back pain, but it will also stretch your vertebrae, increasing your spinal relief.
  9. Relaxing – Everybody feels the need to relax after a taxing day at work. Well, what better way to relax than sit in a chair that massages your back, arms, legs, and feet?

A Complete Buying Guide For The Best Massage Chairs

Finding the best massage chair might be more difficult than you think. We created this section to help you choose the best model for your particular needs.

Massage Chair Reviews

A. Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying The Best Massage Chairs

Whenever you’re buying something new, it’s better to think hard and well before reaching a decision. So, ask yourself these questions before deciding on a massage chair.

  • Consider Your Available Space
    Massage chairs are great, but they’re definitely not small. Even the smallest massage chair is still the size of your regular armchair, so you will need to make sure you have enough space to store one.
    Keep in mind that folding thebest massage chairs will need more space than regular ones. You will need at least 3” of clearance for some models, but most will demand more to become fully extended.
  • Will The Massage Chair Fit Me?
    Massage chairs come in different frames, and they have different sizes. Since most of them are built to accommodate most users, they will be suitable for both short and tall users.
    However, you should always make sure the massage chair will fit you. Some massage chairs won’t be comfortable for short people, while others won’t fit tall users.
  • What Type Of Massage Do You Need?
    Massage chairs often offer more types of massages. Some users might enjoy all of them, while others might prefer one or another.
    Now, you might even have a therapeutic indication for a certain type of massage. Here are some massage techniques you’re most likely to find in massage chairs.

    • Kneading – This technique involves the compression of soft tissues against one another or against underlying bones. This technique is recommended for pain relief, treating tight muscles, and to increase flexibility
    • Tapping – Tapping is a percussive massage technique designed to stimulate your muscles. It simulates the pounding and striking actions a professional would apply with his/her fists. This technique stimulates the local blood circulation and increases the local temperature and tissue elasticity.
    • Rolling – Rolling is a massage technique that involves the lift and roll of the skin between the masseur’s fingers and thumbs. In massage chairs, this technique is simulated with the help of rollers. Rolling is used for treating muscular tension, loosen the skin, and produce a relaxing effect
    • Shiatsu – One of the most popular and most effective massage techniques, shiatsu is typically applied with the hands, palms, and thumbs against certain stress points. This technique promotes relaxation and muscle relief. In a massage chair, shiatsu is performed by the rollers and the airbags.
    • Special Techniques – Manufacturers try to attract customers by implementing special techniques. These techniques vary according to each model, but some of the most popular are heated massage, reflexology, spinal relief, yoga, muscle stretch, and combo. Each of these techniques has its own advantages.

    You might be wondering which of these massage techniques would be better for you. Well, if you don’t have any previous experience with using massage chair, you can simply choose a model that offers more techniques. This way, you can make sure you’ll find one you like. You might also want to choose a model that has special features that appeal to you, such as yoga, muscle stretch, or spinal relief.

  • Brand
    There are multiple manufacturers that produce massage chairs. Some of them have a long history of producing this type of units, while others are just beginning to be relevant to the market.
    As far as massage chairs are concerned, you shouldn’t reach a conclusion that one model is better than another based on the band alone. There are plenty of high-quality models produced by less popular brands as well.
    The only thing you should really look out for is the brand’s customer support service. Finding a manufacturer that respects the warranty and covers the repair expenses might save you money in the long run.
  • Budget
    You should always decide on a budget before you start looking for a massage chair. The price differences between models are pretty large, and you shouldn’t waste your time looking at expensive models if you can’t afford them.
    When it comes to massage chairs, the price is determined by the chair’s quality and capability. Chairs with multiple massage techniques, various extra features, and better designs will be more expensive.
    However, you should know that you usually get your money’s worth when buying a more expensive unit. They tend to be more durable, more comfortable, and they offer more massage techniques, making them more effective at treating your sore back and legs.
  • Warranty
    Massage chairs come with warranties. The shortest warranty period is 1 year, the longest 5. Most manufacturers guarantee that they support the cost of the reparation and that of the parts in the first year, just that of the parts in the second year, and just the frame integrity in the third year.
    You should always check up on a company to see if they respect their warranty policies. Unfortunately, some manufacturers don’t. You can usually find this information in the product review section, as many people will complain about it.

B. What Features Are Important To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair?

massage cgair expectNow that you’re certain you want to buy a massage chair, let’s take a look at the important features that define how a model works and how efficient it is.

  • Massage Power – The power of the massage is a decisive factor in how much you’re going to enjoy the massage itself. Some people like their massages soft, while others like them rougher. Unfortunately, there’s no accurate way of deciding which model produces more power than the other.
    You will only be able to determine if a massage chair provides a soft or a rough massage by reading what other customers thought, but that’s very subjective. Some people might complain that a massage was rough, while others might complain that the same massage was too soft for them.
    To increase the chances of finding a model capable of producing exactly the type of massage you want, look for a model that has an adjustable intensity. The more intensity levels, the better. This is also a good way to make sure more members of your household will enjoy the same unit.
  • Massage Rollers – Some massage chairs, usually the high-end ones, use rollers to provide a nice and comfortable experience. Massage rollers are specially designed to simulate the movement of the human hand. These rollers will slide upwards, downwards, toward the right and the left of your back, producing a soothing and comfortable massage. The rollers’ action is very relaxing, and it stimulates your back’s blood circulation.
  • Heat Massage – Heated massages are a great way to thoroughly relax your muscles. With the help of heated pads or infrared rollers, massage chairs will produce heat against your back. The heat will encourage your muscles to relax, and it will promote the local blood circulation.
    Massage chairs have different ways to produce the heated massages. Most use heated pads located in your lower back area to deliver the heat to your lower back, one of the most sensitive stress areas during the day. Other models use the same pads, but they will also have a heated massage feature for your feet, which is very enjoyable and relaxing. High-end massage chairs will use infrared rollers for the heated massages. These rollers will cover the whole surface of your back, from your neck to your buttocks. This will produce a very comfortable massage experience.
  • Body Scan Technology – One of the best feature currently available for massage chairs, the body scan technology will help the chair customize the massage for every different user. This technology uses sensors to track the curvature of your spine and other physical aspects, and it will customize the massage sessions to fit your specific build.
    This is a very good feature to have in a massage chair, as every session will be personalized according to the user. If you’re shorter, you won’t have the shoulder air cells beating against your neck, and if you’re taller you won’t have them working on your back instead of the shoulders.
  • Air Compression Massage – Most manufacturers include an air compression massage feature. This feature uses airbags to enhance the massage experience. The airbags’ alternative compression and decompression will push against your muscles, massaging them. This feature can be used for every area of your body.
    Most massage chairs will have airbags at your neck, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and feet. The more airbags a massage chair has, the better the experience. For most massage chairs, you will be able to change the airbags’ intensity as you like.
  • Vibration Massage – While high-end massage chairs are specially designed to reach all the way down to your buttocks, lower-end models will only reach as far as your lower back. These models will use a vibration seat to work your buttocks and legs’ muscles.
  • Zero Gravity – The zero gravity feature is usually present in high-end models. When you engage this feature, the massage chair will recline and place your body in a position where it doesn’t have to sustain its own weight, similar to what zero gravity does in space. This is a good feature, as is will allow your vertebrae to relax, and it will enhance the massage experience.
    Some massage chairs have multiple stages of zero gravity positions. The final stage will raise your legs to a height similar to that of your heart. This will allow your heart to relax a little and work more efficiently for a while, as it won’t have to push so hard to get all the blood down to your legs.
    The zero gravity stages also make the massage better because your whole weight will be distributed across the massage chair. Since your whole weight will be against the chair, you will be able to better feel the rollers and the airbags’ actions.
  • 3D Massages – 3D massages offer more depth than a normal massage. To achieve this sense of depth, high-end massage chairs use the combined actions of rollers and airbags. The airbags fill with air, so your whole body will be covered by them. Once your body is locked in place by the airbags, the rollers start to massage your back and legs.
    This is a great feature, as it provides an immersive feeling to the massage. This type of massages is more relaxing and more enjoyable than the usual ones.
  • Recline – Lower-end models that don’t have a zero gravity function usually use a reclining one. The difference between the two functions is that your body weight won’t be entirely supported by the chair when you’re using a chair with a simple recline function. Your legs won’t be lifted to a similar height with that of your heart.
    Even though this feature is not as good as the previous one, it’s still relaxing and enjoyable. You will most likely enjoy reclining your chair, turning on the TV and watching your favorite series while the chair massages you back.
  • Muscle Stretch Massage – Many massage chair models offer this type of feature. Whether they’re called yoga, muscle stretch, or simply stretch, the features work in a similar way. They use the air compression massage to warm up your muscles and then they stretch them.
    You will be surprised to find out how much your back, arms, and legs can stretch when you engage the massage chair’s muscle stretch feature, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with using massage chairs.
    This feature is very good before and/or after a physical exercise. The muscle stretch massage is also great for muscle recovery after a strain or injury.
  • Spinal Stretch – You can usually find this feature in high-end massage chairs. The feature can have many different names, but they all work in a similar way. Your back is stretched so that the pressure against your vertebrae is diminished. Then, the muscles around your spine are massaged to relieve the pain.
    This is a great feature for people who suffer from spinal pain, and it’s enhanced by the use of a zero gravity feature.
  • Acupressure Points – Some massage chairs use acupressure points to enhance their massages. The acupressure points will produce a gripping feeling, so the massage would seem more realistic, similar to that provided by a massage professional.
  • Additional Massage Features – They might not seem very important at a first glance, but additional massage features really make a massage chair better. These features target your head, arms, or legs.
  • Foot Massages – Foot massages are very important for people who spend a lot of time standing up. There’s nothing like coming home from a tiring day at work and having your calves and feet massaged. Most massage chairs include a foot massage feature.
    Different massage chair models offer different foot massages. Some models only use the airbags to massage your calves and feet. Some use rollers for your feet and airbags for your calves. Some use rotating discs for your feet, and a few of them will even offer a heated massage feature.
  • Arm Massages – Arm massages can be very relaxing. Most massage chairs use air compression massages for your arms. Some of them have special pockets that hold your arms while the surrounding airbags compress your muscles. Others massage your arms while you keep them on the armrests.
  • Head Massages – Most massage chairs will offer massage features for your neck. However, some of them will offer head massage features. These features will target the muscles on the side of your head, and they can be really relaxing.
  • Hip Massages – Even though most massage chairs have airbags around your hips, some models have special features that specifically target the hips. These features are designed for hip pain relief, and they compress your muscles with the help of the airbags. One feature will also try to align your hips to your spine.
  • Predefined Programs – Having more predefined programs to choose from is always an advantage. Predefined programs use a nice mix of massage techniques and features to provide a good massage experience. Most of the programs are specially designed with a purpose in mind. Some of them will stretch your muscles, some will compress them, while others will only offer a soft caress.
  • Manual Control – Even though having many predefined programs is an advantage, you should always look for massage chairs that can be manually controlled. This will allow you to create your own massage sessions, incorporating your favorite techniques at just the right intensity and speed settings.
  • Massage Chair Material – Most massage chairs have a faux leather covering. Even the high-end models use faux leather, as real leather wouldn’t handle the pressure produced by the airbags and the rollers as well as the fake one does. The difference between the high-end models and the low-end ones is the quality of the faux leather.
    Better chairs use a thicker layer of leather, so they tend to be more durable than the cheaper ones.
  • LED Lights – Some models come with LED lights for a more enjoyable experience. If you really want to benefit from an immersive massage experience, you only have to turn off the other electronics in the room, turn on the LED lights, and relax. These lights will light up the room, making your experience more enjoyable.
  • Easy Accessibility – The massage chair’s accessibility is determined by its control panel. Massage chairs should not be difficult to program and use, yet some manufacturers succeed in designing them so. Models that come with easy-to-read control panels are easy to use, and they’re more user-friendly.
  • Remote Control – Some Best massage chairs come with remote control for an increased accessibility. You can use the remote control to change the massage technique, increase or decrease the massage’s intensity and speed, and to turn the chair on or off.
  • Cup Holder – It might not seem as much at a first glance, but a cup holder can really be helpful if when you use a massage chair. Not only can you use the holder for cups and glasses while you enjoy the massage, but you can also use it to store the remote control, so you won’t misplace it.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility – Some high-end massage chair models have built-in Bluetooth adapters. These adapters will allow you to connect to any Bluetooth-compatible streaming devices and pair them with the chair. Once the devices are paired, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs or podcasts directly through the chair’s speakers.
  • Silent Operation – Massage chairs are somewhat bulky, and some of them might produce a lot of noise when they’re working. Having a silent massage chair is an advantage because you can still use it even if the other members of your household are sleeping, or they’re engaged in activities that require silence, such as reading or studying.
  • Portability – Some massage chairs are portable. They weigh less than other models, and they have casters. You can use the casters to move the chair from one room to another, which can be an advantage.

Now that you’re familiar with most of the features available for the best massage chairs, you can make a list of which of them you think would be more beneficial for your needs. This list can help you decide on a particular model.

How Do The Best Massage Chairs Work?

TinyCooper C500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Acu Pulse Massager for Neck & Shoulders Reviews

Hi guys, welcome to Acu Pulse Massager review of the neck and shoulder massage over here. It gives real feel massage with heat and speed adjustment. 

I have already reviewed for the following shiatsu massagers for neck and shoulders and massage chairs

Best Shiatsu Massagers for Neck & Shoulders

Best Massage Chairs Under $2000

Acu Pulse Massager

Most of them have really good reviews, but I cannot tell you if they are really the same so my review only really covers this specific one from a queue post. And yeah, this is what you get mean you get the whole thing in the Box put the Box a little bit away and you get these instructions and this is how these works are not going to show.

How this Acu Pulse Massager works, but you can imagine from the picture when we start here. This is usually how it works. You put your hands into this like a pocket almost like a pocket and then pull and you have this equipment like you late on your shoulder or on your neck, and then you pull and with pulling you decide on. How much pressure you want to put on your neck and shoulder but you cannot only do it on your shoulders.

 Click here to View on AmazonYou can do it for your neck and the whole back and the as soon as its focus. I will show you more waste and tights and legs and feet and call and whatsoever, wherever you can reach. That’s exactly the pocket which you use for your hands and here you have to pull you, don’t have to pull a lot. It’s just a little bit of pulling here. We have this control panel and so I will turn it on and so you can see how this works.

So this is about not exactly how you would have that so you go with your right hand here with your left hand here and you have this thing over your shoulder. So I think you can a little bit imagine how this would work, so we turn it on here as you can see it starts already.

I think with the last setting we can activate the Heat or turn it off when we have it off. There’s no light here. So the line, that the heat is combined, there’s not a lot of it is just a little bit. It doesn’t get super hot. So it’s just a little bit inside and doesn’t know if it’s really infrared.

I have seen much stronger than that here. We have the speed. You can see it slows down a little bit. There’s no beeping, no annoying thing, so it is quiet, so you can do that also during like when you watch TV See something like that.

this Acu Pulse Massager has three different speeds and we can change the direction of think as far as I have seen that it was like every now and then it reaches the like direction anyway, so maybe after five minutes or something like that and you can totally turn it off and turn it on again.

So this is how it works. It is pretty simple. When we look at that’s the material how it is built. It looks like it is really stable. I haven’t seen, I mean I’ve been using that now for a week. It looks like everything is really nicely built. Maybe you won’t have this extra caution when you buy cheap, I have really no clue.

I cannot compare this to the really cheap ones. But this looks like it is nicely built really stable really good. So no complaints so far, but the key question is actually how does this work? Especially compared to the normal style massage? Which you have which like hammer looks, similar to a hammer which has some kind of holes or massage which has some kind of ultrasound or whatsoever, which you hold in one hand and then you put it back over your shoulder and the problem with this device.

I mean I have seen or even used over the years or decades. A lot of these massage things which you hold in one hand and they have I mean they actually work but they have a lot of disadvantages. I mean when you’re using them yourself holding them over or bending over your shoulder, then the so much tension you get even a new additional tension on your shoulder and it’s hard to really improve if you especially as of this especially if you Want to use it at the lower back or Center of your back not only at your shoulder.

 Click here to View on AmazonSo it’s really difficult to work yourself on your shoulder or back and sometimes it’s a little bit. I mean you can ask somebody to do that and usually, people would do that for maybe two or three minutes maybe five minutes, but they don’t do this for like 10 minutes half an hour or even an hour you won’t find somebody to do that for you every day for half an hour.

It’s impossible. I mean not even somebody who really loves you who do that. I mean they get exhausted and they run out of power whatsoever. This is a really cool thing. This is so powerful and it doesn’t stop and the feeling which you have started again the feeling which you have with this ball rotating. As you would have with finger really strong fingers massaging your neck and shoulder and back.

I have been using that for quite some time. I mean a couple of days and maybe 20 minutes per day something like that and I can tell you this is really good stuff.

If you want to buy something like and you have tensions on your shoulder or back or whatsoever, you have to go with something like Acu Pulse Massager. Definitely these things which you have to hold in your hand and bend over your shoulder and put try to put pressure on your own back or show that these things are definitely not working. I mean, they have not been working for me and I guess you’re not working for other people.

They are just too cumbersome and nobody wants to do that for you. Every day for half an hour and this is just plug-in and let the machine do the work and it’s so relaxing. This Acu Pulse Massager is absolutely helpful for relaxing.

Irest Massage Chair Reviews

Irest Massage Chair

Because of their creative capacity, the pneumatic machines can work in synchronization or consistently, so as to give the engine power required to the air sacks. Both the unwinding rub and the solid weight of the air packs are exact and one of a kind, which enables you to appreciate an invigorating back rub.

The vertebrae are generally the reason for torment in the abdomen and back regions, just as for a solid neck. The iRest knead seats apply a best in class global innovation with a 3D recognition capacity, which can recognize the back rub guides agreeing toward your tallness. From the Fengchi point on your neck to the Yongquan point on your sole, this innovation involves 500 points on the whole body, giving you an expert, agreeable, and fortifying non-intrusive treatment which tackles the issues associated with unexpected frailty. iRest wellbeing items are fabricated to particulars uncovered because of medicinal testing.

Irest Massage Chair

iRest Massage Chair A382

The iRest A382 is another age iRest rub seat, furnished with 4 canny, quiet, vertically-versatile back rub hands for a full back rub. The A382 utilizes the new 135 cm L-formed back rub framework, which makes it the back rub seat with the longest back rub run.

Siphon and Valve Innovation

The A382 accompanies a creative vacuum apparatus and valve work. The siphon can work in synchronization or ceaselessly, so as to give the engine power important to the 28 air sacks. Both the unwinding rub and the solid air sack pressure are exact and one of a kind, which enables you to appreciate an invigorating back rub.

Zero back divider space

The back rub seat is intended for little spaces, with the goal that it requires a separation of just 5 cm to the back divider, when the back rub seat is in activity. The seat of the seat will slide forward, without contacting the back divider.

Programmed shoulder discovery and restriction framework

The new iRest A382 is outfitted with a programmed shoulder restriction framework. This framework includes filtering your shoulders before each back rub session so as to identify the client’s tallness and weight, in order to accomplish a flawlessly customized back rub session.

Irest Massage Chair

iRest Massage Chair A382

Upper arm and lower arm vertical knead

The new iRest A382 accompanies upgrades in the territory of arm knead. The back rub pads have various positions, so that putting your upper arms in the committed spaces turns out to be substantially more agreeable, and the lower arm knead is progressively effective.

3 Zero Gravity rub positions

The new iRest A382 enables you to modify the seat to 3 Zero Gravity positions, by which you will accomplish a condition of weightlessness, where you will have the option to appreciate immaculate, unhindered unwinding.

At the point when you turn on the “zero gravity” mode, the edge of rise among body and legs is roughly 118 degrees. The thighs and calves are in a higher situation than the heart. The gravity (weight) of each body part will be circulated equitably over the back rub seat, so the weight on the body will be completely dispersed.

L-formed bended rail

The back rub seat utilizes an extraordinary innovation including a L-formed bended rail, which is the consequence of broad research joined with the most recent information in this area. The scope of the back rub is 135 cm, which enables you to appreciate an individual back rub from your head to your seat, practically down to your knees.

Guasha foot rub

Reenacts human touch and appreciates a propelled roller innovation, giving a Guasha rub like that offered by an expert back rub advisor. With a 3 cm range and concentrating on the Yongquan point on the bottom of your foot, the back rub gave can be fragile and consistent, yet it can likewise be more grounded, contingent upon how you set the remote control settings.

Air sack foot knead

Diverse size air packs completely fold over your calf, lower leg, and foot, offering you a triple encounter that you will always remember. Apply this strategy, by which you enact, in progression, the pneumatic stress pressure, delay, and clearing capacity, so as to invigorate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupoints, which will bring you flawless solace and agreement.

Magnet treatment

The magnet treatment accomplished gratitude to the 8 precisely situated 300 cc perpetual magnets can improve the low degree of magnetite in the body, by invigorating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupoints on the calf.

Irest Massage Chair

iRest Massage Chair A382

Top 5 Best Massage Chair Under $2000 2019 Reviews

Top 5 Best Massage Chair Under $2000 2019 Reviews. For a took shots at the very good quality back rub seat scale, purchasers should pay somewhat more cash. Best Massage Chairs are significant nowadays giving its clients much-required comfort they require.

Human Touch 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

The back rub seat has consolidated this science to help lessen the weight on your spine which will help you to loosen up more and even have a superior back rub understanding. There are numerous medical advantages to Zero Gravity and we take you for the Best Massage Chair under $2000 with Zero Gravity. Along these lines, we should proceed onward to our rundown.

The Full Body Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair has been FDA enlisted as a medicinal gadget thus purchasers can be certain that the seat won’t just look extraordinary, yet it will be valuable for treating tired muscles and assuaging torment. This seat is additionally smooth and straightforward in its plan so will look incredible in the lounge room or room.

L-track configuration is accessible in very good quality models, yet Kahuna gives you this innovation at the minimal effort. What it does is, it makes guaranteed that you get a back rub from your neck to where it counts to the rear end with this quad rollers.

The seat accompanies the quantity of preset back rub capacities, which the client can choose dependant on what segment of their body they need to be chipped away at. This back rub seat offers you with eastern yoga rehearses which decrease pressure, stretch the body and take out poisons from your body to give you a more beneficial body

You get an airbag knead in your grasp and thigs, which give you progressively helpful back rub understanding. You can likewise get into zero gravity mode with only two settings.

This best back rub seat has double roller which focuses underneath your feet to give you needle therapy point manipulating rub. The airbags victory to push your feet towards the rollers.

With worked in heat framework, a seat can build blood course, known to help lessen recuperation time and ease pressure. Utilizing this best home back rub seat toward the beginning or day’s end can be an incredible to wake up and invigorate, help clients to unwind before bed.

This is the updated and redesigned variant of their celebrated model, the MK-II Plus. This best back rub seat offers you with L tack structure innovation. Dissimilar to S track framework, this L track framework really gives you knead by moving the roller from your neck to your rear end.

It has double rollers to give you full body rub all the more effectively. L track knead is best for the client who has back torments and tight glute muscles.

This back rub seat has a spinal decompression program which gives you profound human-like back rub alongside the extending capacity. This back rub seat has 4 completely programmed back rubs modes which will duplicate the activities of the human hand’s back rub.

This back rub seat gives you determined routine back rub and stretches in your legs and back muscles. They likewise give you upscale one hand worked remote control and an enormous survey screen to make contributing projects simple and easy to use.

Worked in sensors will recognize body shape and spine length and will furnish you with pinpoint knead and customized rub understanding. This back rub seat has the capacity to level you out at 180 degrees to decrease the pressure on the back muscles and make you feel weightless when taking a back rub.

On the off chance that you pick this back rub seat, you will get an extraordinary arrangement on account of the assortment of astonishing highlights that this Shiatsu rub seat offers.

This back rub seat accompanies zero gravity innovation. Which implies it raises legs over the heart level, which gives you weightlessness feeling. Which thus improves the solace and unwinding the back rub seat gives.

This back rub seat has other back rub choices like Vibrating, Kneading and Spinal rolling. You can get 14 different sorts of programmable back rub alternatives in this seat.

You can likewise set the back rub session clock, which can run from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. 3D examine highlight that you will discover just on the top of the line rub seat, purchase IDEAL gives you with this component on their modest valued item also.

You likewise get a warming module which warms up your back and enables you to get progressively restorative back rub understanding. You can choose from four distinct sorts of pre-modified programmed rub modes which incorporate Upper back, Lower back, Relaxation and actuate.

Best Massage Chair Under $2000

This costly best home back rub seat may dismiss some new clients yet is extraordinary worth the cost when you are in the market for the high level back rub seat. Furnished with 3D innovation, this seat gives clients the vibe of similar hands giving them a back rub.

Utilizing the full 30-minute mode is favored to get the best understanding out of this incredibly highlight stuffed back rub seat. It accompanies the implicit mp3 player. At the point when you delve under into the settings, you can synchronize the tune to your back rub for a more full encounter.

This seat has the control board, one of the propelled bits of hardware in the whole business. An enormous screen with the bunch of catches welcomes clients who need to appreciate unlimited authority over the seat and its distinctive customizations.

Back rub capacities control everything from the head right down to feet, with agreeable armrest back rub to supplement the experience. It accompanies 3 YEARS guarantee for the Steel Frame and Body and 3 YEAR in electronic parts.

This costly back rub seat holds every one of the advantages of the bigger seat and packs them into the littler structure. It utilizes swivel-based structure with worked in retractable footrest to make the incredible experience, in any event, when utilizing the 5 pre-set projects.

Purchasers will appreciate the warm air innovation, a licensed component that utilizations warmth to enable help to the shoulders and lower back. This is just seat of this size to be proficient to make and fulfill those cases, making it the important expansion to any home or office.

On the off chance that you have a few muscles, this seat can utilize its vivid innovation to target specific focuses with the BodyMatch highlight. Surprisingly better is the CirQlation alternative, the figure-8 innovation that expects to improve dissemination in the legs and feet.

Little in size yet high on innovation, the Whole-body 7.1 satisfies its name. It accompanies the Espresso, Bone, and Black.

Best Massage Chair Under $2000